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Happy CoupleLove is a feeling that is representative of human emotions and passion associated with the feelings of fondness, likeness and sexual appeal. This summarized conception in its own way says a lot about its wealth of emotions that range from passion, longing, and intimacy to non sexual desires.It is used for indication of numerous sentiments and feelings that can be classified as varying from the basic enjoyment to passionate attraction. It is very hard to define in specific words especially in comparison to other emotions and sentiments.

Emotional attraction shared with physical attraction almost leaves a couple in a state of bliss so powerful that they are almost intoxicated with love. Emotional attraction to the point of intoxication is not a common kind of feeling.

Feelings of love and emotional connection are almost too much to comprehend in such a situation. A sheer touch of your partner’s hand in this case may be enough to make you feel weak with passion.Romance does not always involve emotional attraction. Some people are just physically or intellectually attracted and this creates different sort of bonds between people. Strange enough, but a couple can be physically intimate, yet not connect on an emotional level at all.

This can be a sad realization if one person is looking for that deeper emotionally connected feeling while the other is content with only the connections of the physical side of things.The most excellent way to make attraction with your girlfriend is to create a mental connection to her feelings and emotions. Generally women don’t react practically to attraction, if anything, they may reflect back and try to decrease the attraction they are feeling, but attraction is always emotional never rational.

There are several characteristics in men such as confidence and personality that create attraction in women, but you must be focused on increasing deep attraction, or accurately a deep emotional connection with a woman. This sort of magnetism is long-lasting and ongoing.While a person is looking for the right way to love in their relationship, they just have to trust their heart and mind. Go with what your heart tells you and with what you know about the likes and dislikes of your partner. Be emotionally and mentally tuned up with the one you love and you should have no problem finding the right way to love in your relationship.

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