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Is Oral Sex Linked with Throat Cancer?

Added 16/12/2010

love and sexThe rate of throat cancer in the United States has not declined, compared to most head and neck malignancies. I suspect that the statistics could also be true, when extrapolated, for other countries, like the Philippines, since most Filipinos are westernized in their lifestyle, habits and behaviors, etc.

The most logical explanation why cancer of the throat has not diminished has been attributed to the Human Papilloma virus (HPV), a bug that causes a sexually-transmitted disease. HPV is popularly known to cause genital warts and most cancer of the cervix (mouth of the womb). It has only been recently when scientists discovered and identified HPV transmission through oral sex as an etiology of throat cancer. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston reported that its research team found “the incidence of throat cancer (in the United States) to be stagnant and even rising in some populations, defying a downward trend in other head and neck cancers linked more closely with smoking.” The American Cancer Society reports that the greatest risk factors in head and neck cancers are smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, 90% of them either smokers or tobacco-chewers and about 80% of them also imbibed a lot of alcohol.

The good news is that a trend analysis in head and neck cancers in the United States shows a decline the past twenty years, trailing a decrease in smoking prevalence, which started in the 1970s, by 10 to 15 years. The bad news is that oro-pharyngeal cancers (which include the tonsils, base of the tongue and soft palate, and side and back of the throat) have been up in some population in the United States, and probably among people in other parts of the world who practice oral sex, where HPV takes its toll. Sample of the vaccine referred to is Gardasil, which is genetically engineered, and which blocks infection caused by two of the more than 100 types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), strains 16 and 18. These two sexually-transmitted viruses are responsible for about 70% of cervical cancers.

HPV, in one form or the other, afflicts about 20 million Americans. The other strains of the virus cause painful genital warts, and sometimes, cervical cancers too. Let us momentarily discuss cervical cancer, since the HP virus is implicated in its causation in almost three quarters of this malignancy. What causes cervical cancer? Human Papilloma Virus (HPV, also known as genital herpes virus) accounts for most cervical cancers. At least 50% of sexually active men and women are infected with genital HPV, especially those with multiple partners.

There are about 20 million American men and women infected with HPV, many linked with abnormal pap tests, genital warts and cervical cancer. It is estimated that at least 10,000 new cases of cervical cancers are discovered annually. Between half a million to a million Americans have genital warts, transmitted thru sexual contacts. Is the cure for cervical cancer? Better than the cure! A vaccine (Gardasil) that prevents cervical cancer, vulvar and vaginal cancer that was approved by the US-FDA in 2006 was found to be “effective 100%, in the short term, at blocking the cancer and lesions likely to turn to cancer”, according to Gardasil manufacturer, Merck & Co. “To have 100 percent efficacy is something that you have very rarely,” Dr. Eliav Barr, Merck’s head of clinical development for Gardasil, told The Associated Press.

The UK’s version of the vaccine is known as Cervarix. How early should the vaccine be given? Students in grammar school, middle school and high school should be vaccinated before they become sexually active, because once they catch HPV infection, there is no cure; herpes is for life. This was the recommendation of Dr. Gloria Bachmann, director of The Women’s Health Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Brunswick, NJ., who said this vaccine is a “phenomenal breakthrough.”

Prophylaxis Gardasil vaccination comprehensively eliminates HPV 16 and 18 associated non-invasive and invasive cervical cancer. The vaccine also cuts down infection with HPV 6 and 11, the causes of 90% of genital warts. How about throat cancers? Of the 45,000 head and neck cancers in the US each year, about 10,000 of them are oro-pharyngeal cancers, and tongue cancers among young adults have also increased. The evident conclusion is that the cause is the HP virus. “Over the last five years, 35% of the throat cancer patients treated at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center had no history of smoking, and that close to 90% of patients who had never smoked showed evidence of oral infection with HPV,” says Dr. Sturgis on Web MD.

The researchers felt that “vaccinating only females against HPV, which is currently the policy in the United States (for 11- to 12- year-old girls, and for women up to age 26 who have not received it), could result in a missed opportunity to prevent throat cancers.” Currently, “the HPV vaccine is being offered to males in Australia, Mexico, and some other countries, but there is, as yet, no clinical proof that it works to prevent HPV infection in men”, according to Debbie Saslow, PhD, of the American Cancer Society. Studies on the vaccine among males are underway, aimed at an over-all protection of both populations.

The use of cling plastic wrap used in kitchen placed over the woman’s groin has been advocated by some to prevent HPV transmission. Mouth, tongue, and other throat cancers could be as grave and deadly as most other forms of cancers. I do not know how to put this more seriously, more effectively, and more delicately, but medically speaking, a moratorium on oral sex might be in order.

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Age and Sex

Added 9/11/2010

love & sexAge has a tremendous effect on the sex life of an individual. Men as well as women sexuality is dependent on the age. Sex makes your life more happy and rejuvenating. Sex has many good effects on your health. Sex improves your immunity against the harmful diseases. During sex the thousands of calories are burnt which avoids the gain of excess of fat in the body. Latest discovery also made us aware that more sex avoids erectile dysfunction. Sex is a very important factor in the life of man. Nobody can imagine a life without the sex. Age is a vital factor which influences the sexual drive of man and woman to a great extent.

Young individuals prefer more sex, middle age individuals are slightly less than the younger individuals when it comes to sex. Individuals with older age don’t enjoy sex very much as compared to the young and middle age individuals. A study was conducted to check the effect of age on the sexuality of the men and women. The study revealed that the sexual urge in the men as well as women decreases as the age increases. You can say that age is inversely proportional to sex. Some factors that are responsible for the reduced sexual urge among the individuals are as follows:

1. Erectile Dysfunction in men and sexual dysfunction in women Erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction are the main causes of loss of sexual urge in men and women. When the age increases you get prone to many diseases as a result of which men can not get the hard and long-lasting erections, whereas the vaginal muscles of the women gets lose and she doesn’t enjoy the sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction in men can be treated with generic drugs like Kamagra, Caverta, Apcalis, Zenegra, etc. Please try these generic drugs and get back your sexual pleasure.

2. Late erections and Decreases in the Force of Ejaculation In older age men it may take longer to get an erection, for some men the erections may not feel the same as they have in the past. There may also be changes in the ejaculation which decreases in the ejaculation or even sometimes nothing is ejaculated.

3. No orgasms for women Women with old age are unable to get the orgasms, so women don’t feel like getting engaged in the sex and thus the desire for sex is reduced. Sometimes even the sexual organs of the women become inactive and don’t provide her any sexual pleasure.

4. Deficiency of Testosterone in men Testosterone in the men body starts decreasing after the age of 30. Testosterone is responsible for the sexual characteristics in men. As the testosterone level decreases you start losing interest in the sex and certainly here also age plays an important role in men sexuality.

5. Uninterested Partner. Sometimes old men are also interested in sex but they are given no importance by their partners because they lose the erection very fast and they are not found to be attractive by their female partners. In case of old women, men don’t find them same attractive as they were in young age. So, men avoid sex with them.

6. Diabetes Diabetes is one of common disease found in the middle-aged and old men and women. Diabetes inhibits the production of the cyclic guanosine monophoshate which is responsible for the relaxation of the penile muscles. As a result less amount of blood is supplied to the penis in men and thus men are not able to get the erection. Because of less amount of blood supply to the female reproductive system, women fail to enjoy the sexual activity.

In respect to the age; increase in weight, heart diseases, blood pressure, etc also contributes to the decrease in the sexual urge.

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Why Men Are Attracted to Women

Added 18/10/2010

love & sexLove, attraction and chemistry can be confusing especially in the initial stages. Men and women are wired differently, so one can get the wrong signals and move too fast, giving the other cold feet. I am reminded of a young woman who asked me why her boyfriend did not let her hang out with his boys or introduce her to his family while he had met all her family members and friends. She wanted to know her man was serious or just wasting her time.

Going by the recent census, the ratio of men to women is almost 50/50. Eligible men are, however, hard to come by given our economic situation and traditional values. So when a girl meets a prospective man, by the third date she has almost made up her mind about dating him. And after a couple of months, she already visualises the wedding ceremony. Men, on the other hand, being more visual, are mainly attracted by looks, shape, body parts and, at times, a girl’s intellect and personality. In both scenarios, no man would want you to meet his mother too soon until he is sure you are ‘the one’.

Good men will also want to shield you from all the scrutiny until he is confident enough to defend the relationship. What women need to understand is that the primary biological reason why men are attracted to women is for mating purposes, plain and simple. Physical attraction.

Thus a man will get physically attracted to a girl then try everything within his means to get intimate with her. At this stage, a man will do anything, including spending all his money. Other desperate measures he will engage in include shedding crocodile tears to get her to bed. If she falls for the trap, he suddenly loses interest.

This is when women complain that men take off after ‘sampling the goods’. The man figures that if it was too easy for him, then another man would also have easy access, so you are deleted as wife material.

This is also the time when men will tarnish a girl’s reputation in their circles, not taking into consideration that a woman who gives herself in body, mind and spirit is a woman in love. Having understood that, women need to balance between keeping their men interested and attracted long enough for him to know her better before intimacy and, hopefully in the process, fall for her and propose.

This checkout period could take months, but this is a very critical time that will form the basis of the relationship, even after the marriage. I always say this is when marriages are made or broken because how one meets a spouse determines how they perceive each other in the marriage. It is also during this checkout period that a girl has to realise there is competition and she should, therefore, come up with an effective strategy to ward it off while resisting the urge to dominate the man. Men are ego driven, so hints that you want him to introduce you to his family and friends don’t go down well.

A woman, therefore, needs to be tactful and discrete when bringing up the issue. For example, instead of demanding to meet his mother, ask him what kind of a person she is and what she likes, then get her a present and have him deliver it. If it is something he thinks she will like, he will be more inclined to take you along. Spoil them rotten If he loves watching football with his friends, then get to know his favourite team and pick a critical match to invite him and his friends to his house to watch while you cook for them.

Spoil them rotten and you will have killed three birds with one stone — spent time with him, impressed his friends and created good allies.

The next time he makes a pass at a woman while out with the boys, they will reprimand him by pointing out he has a cool thing with you and he should not mess it up!

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